Fitness Programs

Fitness programs range from strength training and cardio karate to Pilates and yoga, while our organized outdoor adventure program offers camping, climbing, hiking and biking trips in the Rocky Mountain region.

The 2500 square foot fitness center offers a variety of free weights, a full strength training circuit and LifeFitness cardio equipment, as well as medicine balls and Swiss balls for core training.

Summer Fitness Center Hours

effective May 22 - August 31


Mon 7am-12pm 4pm-8pm
Tue 7am-12pm
Wed 7am-12pm
Thu 7am-12pm
Fri 8am-12pm
Sat 8am-12pm

Sun 8am-12pm


Academic Year Fitness Center Hours

  Open Close
Mon 6am 11pm
Tue 6am 11pm
Wed 6am 11pm
Thu 6am 11pm
Fri 6am 8pm
Sat 8am 8pm
Sun 8am 8pm








Fitness Classes

Added in 2009, the Fitness Studio provides space for fitness classes, dance practice and a quiet place for individuals to stretch and relax. Courses are available Monday through Friday during the Academic Year.

Spring 2017 Classes

MONDAY 11:30 AM Circuit/High Intensity Interval (HIIT) Training

6:30 PM Yoga
TUESDAY 1:30 PM Mixed Martial Arts
  6:00 PM Core & More
  8:30 PM Mixed Martial Arts
WEDNESDAY       11:00 AM           Yoga
  6:30 PM Zumba
THURSDAY 11:30 AM Circuit/High Intensity Interval (HIIT) Training
  1:30 PM Mixed Martial Arts
  8:30 PM Mixed Martial Arts
FRIDAY 10:00 AM Mixed Martial Arts
SATURDAY 11:00 AM Zumba


All fitness classes take place in the Fitness Studio located in the Wildcat Center. For up-to-date schedules, call 303-256-9706. 

The gymnasium provides 6 baskets for students, faculty and staff to enjoy open gym times or join in on a pick-up game. We also have a sand volleyball court and outdoor basketball court, both home to several intramural leagues and tournaments.