Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Started over 10 years ago as a Mixed Martial Arts Club, the students at Johnson & Wales University practice mostly judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu today. Students practice twice a week at the Wildcat Center on campus and have competed at several local, state, and national tournaments including USA Judo Senior National Championships and the USA Judo President’s Cup. The club is free to participate in outside of the USA Judo membership and the team fundraises their way to all of their competition. JWU has hosted the Colorado State Championships for the last several years with local participating dojos and university teams; competition is live streamed on their Facebook page and YouTube channel. A big piece of the JWU MMA team is the engagement the students have with the club; they emphasize the personal relationship with other students, the school community and the greater community as a way to bring more to their team and personal development. While this is not a typical NCJA program, they have seen growth each year and continue to bring in new students as a way to introduce collegiate athletes to judo.

For more information, please contact Race Shepherd, MMA Club President.

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