DIII Week Profile: Madisyn Tulenchik

DIII Week Profile: Madisyn Tulenchik

As part of Johnson & Wales' celebration of DIII Week, a different JWU student-athlete will be featured each day for their 'DIII Week Spotlight.'

Name: Madisyn Tulenchik      

Class: Freshman

Hometown High School: Victoria, MN / Chanhassen HS

Major: Psychology

Sport: Lacrosse

What is it like being a Division III student-athlete? To be a DIII athlete means to balance athletics and education in your everyday life. It's been a pretty good experience for both of those.  

What is your background in lacrosse? I started playing in sixth grade. It was right after I quit soccer, and I thought it would be a pretty fun sport to pick up. I loved it after my first year.   

What's the best part about being a Wildcat? I think my favorite thing about being a Wildcat is everyone here is super friendly and super helpful and supportive.  

Why did you choose Johnson & Wales? I chose Johnson & Wales because the lacrosse coach was emailing me and texting me, and I thought Colorado was a fun state, so that's how I ended up here.   

What are you studying and how does that relate to your post-JWU career plans? I'm a psychology major. I'm hoping to be a forensic psychologist when I'm older and work in the FBI.