Senior Spotlight: John Jacob

Senior Spotlight: John Jacob

Senior: John Jacob

Hometown: Aurora, OH

Major: Culinary Nutrition

Why did you choose to attend JWU Denver?

I found out about JWU through a vocational tech ed culinary program I attended in high school. When choosing a school, I knew I wanted to continue my athletic career in track and field and I couldn't find any other programs offering the same degree path while still being able to compete collegiality. It is a great feeling being able to compete in the sport I love and get a degree I am truly passionate about; JWU was an obvious choice for me.

What is your favorite memory running for JWU?

My favorite competition memory was placing second place in the 10K (6.2 miles) in our track and field conference championships in 2019, becoming the first all-conference track and field athlete at JWU. It was my first year on the team and first year competing as a collegiate distance runner in an event I have never run before. I knew I had the fitness, coaching, and drive to make it happen and score those points for our team despite it being our first year in the conference. It was a special moment.

What is your favorite memory from JWU track/xc outside of competition?

Building a relationship with my coaches and teammates was something I really enjoyed. Traveling and getting to experience different parts of the country with these people really made it enjoyable.

What will you miss most about being on the track/xc team?

Once my time is through with competing, what I will miss the most will be spending time with the people who share such a passion for the same sport as you do. I will also miss using this time as a true test to fitness and seeing what my body is capable of under the stress that being a student-athlete can bring in life.

What are your plans after JWU?

My ultimate goal after JWU would be to focus on my athletic career for a bit and continue training. However, my main passion is sustainability and health, so I would love to combine those two aspects in my own personal health and wellness coaching practice."