Senior Spotlight: Hannah Marie Perry

Senior Spotlight: Hannah Marie Perry

Senior: Hannah Marie Perry

Hometown: Winterville, GA

Major: Sport Entertainment & Event Management

Why did you choose to attend JWU Denver?

I chose to attend JWU because of its great location in Colorado and because it had academic programs that really interested me! That and ever since High School Musical I always wanted to attend a school with a Wildcat mascot.

What is your favorite memory from playing golf for JWU?

My favorite on-course memory on the golf team is meeting really kind golfers from other universities and making lasting friendships!

What is your favorite memory from the golf team off the course?

My favorite off-course memory from the golf team is team bonding at Olive Garden. I freaking love Olive Garden. Dinner with teammates, wonderful coaches, and unlimited breadsticks, what's not to love?

What will you miss most about being on the golf team?

I will definitely miss my coaches the most. They were such positive role models in my life!

What are your plans after JWU?

My plans post-graduation are up in the air. I would like to go to mortuary school, become an EMT, and coach cheerleading or gymnastics, but who knows what order those will come in!