Senior Spotlight: Shundiin Kauffman

Senior Spotlight: Shundiin Kauffman

Senior: Shundiin Kauffman

Hometown: Cortez, CO

Major: Baking & Pastry Arts and Food Service Management '

Why did you choose to attend JWU Denver?

JWU was my first choice because of its culinary program.

What is your favorite memory playing golf for JWU?

My favorite memory from this season was playing with the same girls from the year before and showing them how much I improved this year.

What is your favorite memory from the golf team off the course?

My favorite memory off course is bonding with the girls team and singing our hearts out to our favorite song before a tournament.

What will you miss most about being on the golf team

Definitely traveling!

What are your plans after JWU?

My plans are doing what I do best – bake – and someday own my own cafè.