Senior Spotlight: Rachel Seligson

Senior Spotlight: Rachel Seligson
Hometown: Palo Alto, CA
Major: Criminal Justice 
Why did you choose to attend JWU Denver?
I chose to attend JWU for its good one-on-one classroom experience, especially for my major, Criminal Justice. I really wanted that close teacher-student relationship, which I knew I could get if I went to JWU. Also, I wanted to attend a school where I would be able to continue my running career, without it being over the top, and JWU seemed like the perfect fit.
What is your favorite memory running for JWU?
My favorite competitive memory from being on the team would be back when I was a junior and we competed at the Southern Missouri Stampede Invitational in the fall for cross country. I remember that was the meet where I broke almost 3 minutes off my last 5K times.
What is your favorite memory with JWU track/xc outside of competition?
My favorite non-competitive memory from being on the team would be back in the beginning of this year in the fall of 2019, when we planned a bowling trip, and all had a great time getting to know each other!
What will you miss most about running for JWU?
What I will miss about being on the team is how funny and silly we all were, whether that be when we were traveling for meets, or upstairs in the gym lifting! We all loved to joke around but still get our workouts done.
What are your plans after JWU?
After I graduate from JWU, my plan is to become a social worker in the field of either probation or working with juveniles in a juvenile detention facility in Colorado. I love it here, which most people find shocking since I am from California!